Full Rebrand for a US investor relations consultancy

Birkley created a full rebrand, including renaming, content marketing strategy, visual identity, and storytelling. The investor relations consultancy based in California was initially named Unity Investor, which we changed to Resurge after defining the brand values. The new brand story and visual identity set a new standard in the IR industry with its clear positioning and bold design. 
Project Highlights

Launching a bold brand in a market dominated by bluechip companies

After a few brainstorming sessions, we discovered that the IR consultancy's unique selling point was its CEO's background as an ex-investor.  This insight led to the USP "Bring Investor Insights Into the Boardroom," inspiring the new name Resurge and the overall brand identity.
Brand Renaming
Brand Positioning and Storytelling
Logo, Typography, Brand Colours
Website Copywring and Design
Content Marketing Strategy
Video Content Producton
Press Release Publishing
Dashboard mockup
Media features we've secured for Resurge
Some of the amazing brands we’ve worked with

In a field with lots of competitors, I felt it was important to illustrate my differentiation.  The updated brand, website, and marketing honed in on what makes me special and the results have been outstanding.

Jason Gold
CEO of Resurge
Key Results

Our Revolutionary Approach to IR Branding

After we renamed and rebranded the company, Resurge stands out from the crowd of bluechip companies dominating the IR field. The brand started attracting the attention of their potential clients and booking high-level sales meetings almost right after launching the first campaigns.

Brand authority

Establishing Resurge and its CEO as thought leaders, leveraging content to build trust and credibility in the market.

Outreach campaigns

Strategically targeted campaigns that amplify Resurge's voice, ensuring maximum reach and engagement with potential niche clients.

Improved Positioning

Distinctive brand messaging that resonates with the target audience, ensuring Resurge's unique value proposition is clearly communicated.

Disruptive aesthetics

Revolutionizing the IR industry's visual landscape with a fresh and innovative design, making Resurge instantly recognizable.

Tech Stack

The Marketing Technology Stack

We've worked with the following tools to support the client's operational needs:

Mailchimp, Figma, Miro, Notion, Discord, Google Drive, Webflow
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