Brand Identity

Your Brand - Functional & Iconic!

Trust is the DNA of every successful brand. We grow meaningful brands that bring business results and leave a legacy.

Consistent brand representation can lead to a revenue increase of up to 30%.


Brand Naming

Our established process reveals the name that communicates your story to your target audience.

Logo Design & Trademark

We test which unique logo styles trigger an emotional response and make you stand out.

Brand Story

We develop the core messages, purpose, USP, and mission statements authentic to your vision.

Visual Identity

Not only colours and type, but a research-backed blue-ocean visual story that stands the test of time.

Guidelines & Legacy

Our approach to documentation maximises execution speed and ensures your brand stays consistent.

Sales & Marketing Assets

We prepare you for your investor rounds with stunning decks, whitepapers, and presentations.
Your Brand

Bring your vision to the world

Leave an incredible mark with your unique brand voice and values. We build a presence that makes you grow.
Lead with authenticity
Get the attention of your potential customers
Track the right metrics and measure results
Dashboard mockup

I felt it was important to illustrate my differentiation. The updated brand, website, and marketing honed in on what makes me special and the results have been outstanding.

Jason Gold
CEO | Resurge IR

Working with Birkley felt like working with the internal team. Their work was efficient, meeting all the requirements for the dynamic NFT market.

Jeff Vanderpol
President of Stardom Chance

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know before you hire us.

Why should I choose Birkley to create my brand?

We have developed a blueprint to create successful brands. We integrate within your team to turn your best insights and ideas into your brand story. Our branding team has two decades of experience and a proven track record. And we aim to provide a very personalised experience for each of our clients.

How long does it take to complete a branding project?

The length of the project depends on the scope as no two clients are the same. On average, branding projects take between two and four months. If a lot of research is required and the project is more complex, the branding can take six months or beyond.

Can you help me trademark my brand?

Although we do trademark checks with every project, we cannot help you file your trademark application. We are happy to recommend one of our legal partners for that purpose.

What should I budget when creating my brand?

Our extensive branding projects can start from $20,000. We understand that every business is unique. If you are after creating an iconic brand that will bring you business for the next decade or so, talk to us and we can find a solution that fits in your needs.
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