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Earned Media Strategy

Organic publicity and media coverage through strategic PR efforts and relationship-building.

Paid Media Strategy

Targeted advertising and thought leadership campaigns across various channels.

Reputation Management

Build and protect your brand reputation, and manage crises with the best possible outcome.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know before you hire us.

Why should I choose Birkley as my PR partner?

We have developed a blueprint to create successful media campaigns. We integrate within your team and manage all the work. You are saving a great deal of (micro)management costs when you hire an experienced partner like Birkley. And we aim to provide a very personalised experience for each of our clients.

Do you work exclusively on a retainer basis?

It depends on the project but in most cases, we work on retainer basis. We also provide marketing consultations and strategy session services if you prefer to see if we’re the right fit first.

What type of media channels have you worked with?

Our clients have been featured in tech giants like TechCrunch and Venture Beat. We also have partnerships with the PR Newswire and Global Media that’s responsible for the tube advertising in London. Other publications that we have successfully reached include Markets Insider, AP News, Morningstar, Fox, Yahoo Finance, The Independent, Market Watch, and Seeking Alpha.

Will I see sales results from my media campaign?

Getting featured in the media is a long-term commitment and you won’t see sales results straight away, or at least not directly. The goal of PR is to raise brand awareness and build authority. When you have enough authority, you will start to find it easier to close sales and get your customers to trust you with their money.

There are no shortcuts to building an image. We take the organic and sustainable approach where the results could last decades.

Is there a tool to automate my PR efforts?

As much as we’d love it to be able to plug ChatGPT and have it to create and efficient PR campaign, we cannot automate our expertise and we do everything organically: from leads and relationship building to pitching.
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